Dear Hams

If you call us during the DXpedition. Be aware of the ammount of people who want to work Jersey. 
'KEEP CALM and Listen' is the spirit! 

Just read the DX code of conduct and behave like that during the pile-up.

Every year again, I hear people calling "TT TT TT..." during the QSO with someone else. Our reaction is ... TT stop calling/QRM'ing. : On the moment you keep calling, the QSO with that station I was working with isn't guaranteed. So I get QSL cards from people who aren't in the log? Reason: QRM from other stations and they can't hear me so I don't confirm the qso. 

Is this the real HAM spirit? I don't think so.

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New this year is the logsearch from Clublog.

You can look up your QSO (if we uploaded it) and request your QSL card Direct / Bureau.

If you request Direct. Be aware of the money you have to pay.
1.50 EUR (0.05 EUR extra per QSO)

Our QSL manager is trying to answer your request as soon as possible. So be patient.

More questions? Don't hesitate to ask .

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Do you want fast updates during our dxpedition?
Just follow us on TWITTER!


Tweet us if you have question, if you want a sked or if theirs propagation on other bands and you want to move us to that band! Change mode everything! 

Just ask and we will tweet back! 

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Hi everybody

I send an few e-mails to different DX-news pages (DX bulletins, ... ).
Our first PR is announced on the website of ! Thanks for that!

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Dear OM

Check your QSL card, check our online log if you're in the log pleas.
What to do when you're not in the log?
  • Work us again if it's possible (just to be sure).
  • Send an e-mail to the team-leader if you are sure you're not in the log! 
  • Problems?

Happy to announce that Frank is going to join our team.

Thanks Frank, ON5NQ for participating in our DX-pedition.

You can find all the information on .

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